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Atlanta is the state capital and most populous city in Georgia, located in the Sun Belt. With a subtropical climate, hot summers, and mild winters, this is the perfect place for students who fancy the sun! read more [+]

There are many colleges located in Atlanta, with majors in Business, Health, Science, Engineering, Education, Social Work, and more. There are affordable housing accommodations and apartments within Atlanta, as well as just outside the city.

In Atlanta’s economy, there are a variety of industries and institutions in finance, banking, biotechnology, manufacturing, shipping, and transportation. A substantial number of Fortune 500 companies, like UPS and the Coca-Cola Company, are located in Atlanta as well.

During breaks and days off from school, students can enjoy shopping in one of 130 retail outlets in Atlanta. The city is also full of historical sites such as the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site. Public transits, railways, and taxis are available to get students to and from school, as well as anywhere they may want to go in their leisure activities.

Atlanta has an impressive nightlife with movie theatres, restaurants, comedy clubs, and other attractions to enjoy. Students can cram at one of the many coffee shops, or regenerate after a night out on the town.

With so many admirable schools and careers to choose from, Atlanta is a wonderful place to live and study!

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